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At Perigee we understand electricity service is not an option, we give you choices in managing your energy needs now and in the future. Taking advantage of today’s competitive energy marketplace can be time consuming and confusing. Our goal is to make the decision simple and the switch to securing your rate easy!

Your local utility provider will still deliver electricity and gas to your home or business. You will continue to receive the same emergency response, the same meter read, and the same billing from your local utility.

Let Perigee Energy show you the benefits of a secure energy rate!

Frequently Asked Questions


Energy Deregulation is the process of opening markets to competition. Prior to deregulation you had no choice in who supplied your energy. Today, about half of the states have enacted some form of Energy Deregulation that gives consumers more freedom in selecting their energy supplier.

Perigee is an energy supplier that buys energy on the open market and sells it to our customers. We incorporate savings and rewards delivering a new approach to the way you handle your energy costs. Your utility still handles the delivery to your home or business, and ensures the wires, pipes, and meters are functioning properly. Energy charges are separated on your consolidated bill from your utility to reflect Perigee rates in conjunction with the utility delivery charges.

No. Perigee Energy is a separate business entity arranging the supply of electricity for our customers, which is then delivered to you by your current local utility company.

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